Professional screen printing services in Los Angeles

At Midnight Impressions, we believe in providing people throughout Los Angeles and Southern California with the best screen printing service possible. Screen printed apparel has a variety of uses. It provides a unique, proven and often personal method to get your message out or commemorate an event.

Commercially, it is one of the only forms of advertising that can actually pay for itself. Every one who wears their printed shirts helps publicize your branding. Not only will your message be seen every time they wear it, but it will also help create a familiar and more recognizable name for your business.

Our in-house creative staff has the ability, experience and resources to produce art in a wide variety of styles, from simple line art-spot color to the most elaborate Photo-Realistic multi-color designs. This full range of design styles allows us to tailor the art to ft your exact needs and budget. If you have any questions regarding or screen printing services get in touch with one of our designers today!

screen printing services in Los Angeles


Recreating photographic quality images has long been a passion for us. We have worked hard at perfecting our color separation and printing abilities over the last ten years, winning several national awards in the process.

Process Color – Simulated Process

We have developed our own system for recreating existing full color images in Multi-Color “simulated” process in as many as 14 colors.

Spot Color

Printing is both economical and useful. Almost any idea or concept can be reinterpreted and printed with this process. Designs can be simple one color images or elaborate images printed in up to 14 colors.