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About Us

Midnight Impressions T-Shirt Factory

Midnight Impressions' founders began working out of their living room with a DIY screen printing kit making T-Shirts for their Las Vegas Car Club's event in the late 70's. In 1982 Midnight Impressions was born to create and produce T-Shirts for many of the So-Cal car clubs and shows, and we are still producing quality shirts for many of the biggest shows in the southland.  We started with an artistic vision, and a passion for producing a quality product that quickly evolved into a reality that reached Los Angeles and various locations throughout Southern California, the Southwest and many other places in our great nation.


After more than 38 years, we have grown exponentially as a company. We went from using a single 4-Color manual press in 800 sq ft. to a state-of-the-art 8,500 sq ft. facility with 14 color automatic presses, digital direct to screen and art capabilities, along with automated folding and labeling equipment.

Screen printed apparel has a variety of uses. It provides a unique, proven and often personal method to get your message out or commemorate an event. Commercially, it is one of the only forms of advertising that can actually pay for itself. Everybody loves their printed shirts, and your message is seen every time they wear it, time after time...


For over 30 years, our clients have had peace of mind knowing that we will do what we said we could do when we said we would do it for what we said we could do it for....


As a team, we treat each client as a valued relationship, not an order size or annual sales figure. Integrity, Pride and Commitment are the founding values of our company... and we do killer work too!

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